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So this is on Twitter, so on YouTube and others social networks. The comedy content makes more success than the others.

I try to apply my philosophies in everything. Even if is that something that doesn’t have so much application, I test in many ways if it works. I’m this way. I try to see patterns in everything.

I just can’t manage so many social networks. I just focused in what I like and that can generate a better result for me.

Google+ now released Post Ads in pages who have 1000 followers. I think very interesting since social networks is the business now.

The Internet is a little bit weird these days.

“Although we do not know what we want, we know exactly what we do not want.”

Does the people who have spoken about this writer (Gabriel García Marquez) that died, really knows his works? Or just thinks cool feeling sad about it?

Why Tumblr have to be a picture social network? I saw “Medium” these days and got in love. If there were more Tumblers like these, it would be very interesting.

When someone ask me something and I answer, did the question get public? Or can I answer in private?

I have to restart my investments. I got stucket in a couple years and toasted every penny. Now is time to build everything again. Destroy was always easier than construct.